In September

General Meeting 7PM to 9PM
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Demo at 7:30PM
Main Library, Estudillo Room


Artist: Ferenc Besze

Ferenc Besze was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. His love for art surfaced early on in his childhood when Ferenc filled all his textbooks with drawings to the frustration of his teachers and parents. At the beginning, his primary medium was oil. In the last two decades however, his primary medium changed to watercolor, in which he achieved his greatest successes so far. His passion continues until this day. He believes that the value of art is not only wonderful to learn and absorb, but worth to share with others. The way he accomplishes that is by teaching and giving demonstrations.

SLAA Member's Work

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President's Message

Now that the Holidays are approaching it is time to plan our Holiday Dinner. It seems that a turkey dinner was the choice of our members who voted at the General Meeting. If you would like to join us please contact me 636-1130 or Jane Tsushima 635-5129. Dinner is Monday, December 7th 6pm. There will be a $13 charge. If you want to pay by check, please mail to SL Art Association, PO Box 3066, San Leandro 94578. If you would like to bring a door prize it would be appreciated. Don't forget an unwrapped toy for the toys for tots gift.

Our demonstrator, Michael Readon did an amazing watercolor landscape painting in only one hour and a quarter. There were many watercolorists who attended the demo. Michael was very informative and I'm sure everyone learned alot of new techniques.

It is now the time to elect a New Board of Directors. Molly Dolly and her nominating committee will be calling our members soon. Philip Ng will be relinquishing his job as treasurer so we will be needing a new treasurer for the next two years. Pat Devitt will also be giving up her job as Demonstrative Director. She has done an outstanding job for the past 3 years. She has demonstrators lined up for March and April. She has a list of possible demonstrators for the future and will be happy to explain the job to the person who takes over her job. Both jobs require having some computer skills. These are very important jobs and we need your help to fill them.

Festival Status: We still do not know if we will be able to have our Festival at the Casa Peralta next year as meetings are still going on. Theresa Mellon has told me that we could have some small shows at the Library on the outside Terrace on a weekend. We might be able to coordinate them with our Library Shows in the Spring and Fall.

Thank you Ginny Milo and Linda Howard for the September refreshments. Marcia O'Kane and Gail Otvos will bring refreshments next month. Artist of the month was won by Jane Tsushima and second place by Philip Ng. Art will be removed from the Casa on November 7th at 11 am, they will not be replacing any new art at this time.

Anna May Tandi